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For this project, I was tasked with recreating a portion of a website for a resort, making them as close as possible while still putting my own creative touch. I chose to recreate the website for Disney's Grand Floridian Hotel and Resort.


If you were to compare the two websites, you would find them to be fairly similar in appearance. However, you would find some creative differences that I made, such as the logo hanging down from the navigation bar or the initial splash page.

Applications Used:

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Muse


For this project, I was given a lot of freedom. The only requirement for this project was to incorporate a pop-up. I decided to create a web-page for a fictional travel agency. For the background and pop-up element, I used colors from a sunset, and I chose white text to contrast well against the background. To catch the viewer's attention, I also incorporated plenty of stunning imagery that the user is able to select, read about, and explore.

Applications Used:

Adobe Muse, Microsoft Word


For this web design project, I was tasked with creating movement using code. If you were to see the web-page on a initial page-load, the title, "Organic Fresh Farms," would drop down from the top. Next, the clouds would start to fly across the sky at different speeds. Next, the sub-heading would fade-in, followed lastly by the navigation bar fading-in. The clouds would eventually fly off-screen, and finally, the title, sub-heading, and navigation would slide up and come to a step directly over the sun.


Note: I was given the background image. I did not create it.

Applications Used:


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