Digital Illustration

Personal Book Cover Project

Writing is a major passion of mine, and I made this cover for one of my own personal stories.


I wanted the eyes to be the focal point of the illustration. To do that, I made them a bright color and dulled the rest of the drawing by choosing tamer greens and grays. I also worked hard to effectively communicate depth by adding different-sized rocks and carefully adding shadows to the grass and cave.


Date created: 03/2020

Applications Used:

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Wacom tablet

Children's Book Cover Project

For this project, I was tasked with creating a storybook cover centered around an animal. Along with the cover, I also needed to provide a grayscale and color version of the animal itself.


It was the first time I had ever used a drawing tablet, so drawing digitally felt foreign and uncomfortable for me at first. However, over the course of the project, I became more relaxed using the tool.


Date created: 11/2018

Applications Used:

Adobe Illustrator, Wacom tablet

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